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Olympia Chemicals Ltd.

Olympia Group has setup Soda Ash 350 tons/day capacity at Warcha. District khoshab. Technical know-how and plant are of chinese origin, while approximately 50% of the machinery will be manufactured locally. The plant will provide direct employment to 1000 + while thousand of others and the area in general will benefit the site has been chosen due to availability of both main raw materials i.e., salt and limestone in the area. The long term plan envisages extension of the capacity in line with the increasing demand in the country and the potential export markets in addition to the down stream project including Sodium B Carbonate, Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, Caustic Soda by Causticisation process (using Soda Ash and Limestone as raw material) and other sodium salts.
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Olympia Group of Companies site is under construction.

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