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Welcome to the Olympia Group

Olympia is a conglomerate of diversified ventures with competencies ranging from textiles to chemicals. Over the years we have managed to achieve excellence through sheer dedicated hard work guided by visionary leadership. We are proud to be one of the leading enterprises of Pakistan. The continued policy of dynamic entrepreneurial ventures backed by a solid financial base assures achievement of higher objectives that we have set for ourselves.
Combined efforts of the management and over 1,800 employees yield an annual turnover of over USD 150,000,000, envisaging manufacturing projects like Poultry Feed Mills, Edible Oil Refinery, Textile Mills, Soda Ash Chemicals and Synthetic Carpets. Other ventures include Broiler Parent &Broiler Farming, Fruit farming, Electric Power Generation etc.
Policies of offering equal opportunity employment, environmental consciousness and social welfare activity programs have helped in enhancing our image in the community. It is our goal to be a market leader in everything we do without compromising on core ethics. In the ever changing global economic environment of emerging markets, we at Olympia aspire to achieve our goals by engaging our competition on the fronts of quality and reliability in every facet of business.

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